Winter tires evaluation r18. The best winter tires. The bestnon-studded tires in northern winter conditions for SUVs

When choosing shoes for our iron horse, each of us seeks the best value for money. Serious thing is to wear shoes for the winter. There are several options: use tires with nails or friction.

What's the difference?

Studded tires are designed for use on icy surfaces in rolling snow. Non-studded tires are popularly “velcro”, suitable for driving on icy asphalt, wet and loose snow. Therefore, the choice depends on the conditions of use.

Friction tires are mainly chosen for driving in the city;studded tires are designed for extreme operating conditions. You need to choose based on the climate and climate of the areas where the car will "work".

In addition, price will be an important criterion that influences the choice of winter tires. Depending on the cost, they can be divided into budget, average price segment and premium.

However, looking at the price, one should not forget the main thing - road safety. Therefore, the quality of the tire must be critical.As practice shows, leading manufacturers with a worldwide reputation offer the highest quality products. Which tires are best for the winter? Customer reviews here are not always critical. Consider what mastodons this sector should focus on.

Manufacturer selection criteria

Talking about the leaders in the production of car tires, we are based on the market share developed by these corporations, on the ratings developed by experts and on customer reviews. So which brand of tires is best?Car tires produced by the companies listed below have been on top of a variety of tops for many years.

The three world leaders in the production of car tires

Since 2007, the world leader in rubber production for automobiles is the Japanese company Bridgestone, founded in 1931. The products manufactured by this corporation are of a high level of quality and belong to the premium class. The tires work at landfills owned by the corporation. In the production of winter tires, the prerogative is given to tires without studs designed for extreme operating conditions.

In the second position, another Japanese company, the Yokohama Rubber Company, was firmly established, whose year of foundation was1917. The recommendation for it is a long-term cooperation with car companies like Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Porshe, Mazda, Toyota. The tires of this companycan satisfy the most demanding customers.

"Bronze" in the ranking of the main car tire manufacturers goes to the French company Michelin. This company was founded in1889. One of Michelin's many discoveries is the invention, in the 90s of the last century, of Energy tires with low rolling resistance, which saves fuel.

4-5 places in the ranking

The fourth place in the list of the best do-it-yourself rubber for cars is occupied by the American Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company.The history of this company begins in 1898. It is significant that this organization was the first tire supplier for the legendary Ford car. The company's chip is the production of products from natural components. It wast he Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company that was the first inventor of corrugated tires to drain liquids; moreover, it belongs to the invention of tires that do not change their characteristics, even in case of damage. Look here for additional insights: subaru tires

Continental AG, which is the recognized European number one in tire manufacturing, closes the top five. The German company has a long history, in 2016 it will not be less than 225 years. During its existence, a small publicly traded company became a monster in the tire industry with branches around the world.

6-10 seats in major manufacturers

The Italian Pirelli & C occupies the sixth place in the ranking of the top 10 tire manufacturers, specializing in sports car tires for more than 140 years, enabling its use in extreme situations. When purchasing tires of this brand, you can be sure of the controllability of your iron horse in any weather condition.